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KS Jackscrews are applicable in numerous ways.

However, three ways to use the jackscrews are to be emphasized.

  1. Setting up and levelling machines, apparatus and ground frames fast, easy and reliable is the most common use for the jackscrew or leveling spindle.In the old fashioned way often shims were usedto level a machine. This was a time- and effort consuming method which seldom proved to be 'first-time-right'. Using the spindles of Elwee Trading will reduce this inconvenience considerably. Place the KS-levelling spindles between the foundation and the ground plates of the machine. After mounting the the machine, the spindles can be adjusted with regular spanners to level the construction. Now the finished floor can be applied and the construction secured.
  2. Another purpose for the spindle is levelling pipeconstructions. By careful alignment of piping, stress is prevented and the risk of leaking joints reduced.
  3. Finally the jackscrew are often applied in civil works. For instance to get a preload on piles, to level constructions, to adjust constructions inconjunction to each other.

To make application both easy and effective, there are different types of the spindle available.

For most common use the standard type is sufficient. Next to the standard type, a Condisc ® version is developed (C in type indication). Especially for inclined positions this type secures an even support by the use of a conical shaped ring in the spindle itself.

Both the standard as the condisc version are available with a drilling for studs or anchoring bolts. This ensures an optimal support and control of the positioning. This type is indicated by a D in the type description.

Besides these common types, the customer can also order types with a reinforced base plate. These versions are useful in specific cases where the foundation doesn't support the spindle evenly and it concerns heavy loads at the same time.

The jackscrews can handle high loads, depending on the type 20 to 60 tonnes. This is the maximum load, one should keep in mind that during adjustment of the screws, local loads can be significantly higher due to the fact that the construction is still leaning.

For more information regarding weights, dimensions and adjustabilities, please see Specifications.